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So you’re considering GA360 as your enterprise platform to store, blend, and visualize your data from disparate sources into one seamless experience.

BUT, you don’t know where to start…

GA360 Partner for trusted data & confident decisions

 Overview of products in the Google Analytics 360 Suite

lightbulb iconUnderstanding of GA360 benefits vs. Google Analytics

General GA360 “How To’s” – Tag Manager to Data Studio


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Why Partner with Seer?

Data You Can Trust For Confident Decision Making
As a Certified Google Analytics Partner and GA360 Reseller, Google vouches for us after rigorous applications and quarterly re-evaluations that prove we have the GA360 chops to provide enterprise-level data you can trust and use to take action.

Complete Transparency (Black Box-Free)
We hate secrets. They make us nervous. So there’s no black boxes around Seer. Always see what your team is working on and how we’re leveraging your Google Analytics premium configuration to positively impact your business.

Fight Silos & Drive Adoption of Data-Driven Decisions
Google Analytics 360 collects data from CRM platforms, email tools, social sources, and other offline channels. In conjunction with Google BigQuery, our GA360 implementation allows you to analyze trillions of rows of data. The deeply powerful combination of BigQuery and Analytics 360 forces deeper insights that are not attainable with other products alone.

GA360 Specialists That Know Integrated Marketing
Our analytics team works alongside SEOs, paid media managers, creatives, developers, CRO specialists, and other marketing consultants. We solve people problems. We solve marketing problems. Our integrated marketing experience and context helps us gain traction quickly to surpass your goals.

People-first Analytics
Behind every search and action on your website is a person. GA360’s aggregation of data sources allows us to build a comprehensive profile of your user and their journey. Once we understand your audience, we’re able to help you meet them where they are with the answers that help them the most.

This Isn’t our First Rodeo Driving Analytics ROI
(YES! Analytics Drives $$)
We’re here to help you understand your audience, make deep connections with them, and drive bottom line revenue impact to your business. Like when we helped our Biz Comm client achieve 533% increase in leads. Or when we partnered with InterNACHI to achieve 77% increase in CTRs to key conversion pages.


What Does the GA360 Suite Offer?

Google Analytics 360 is a premium enterprise tool with a whole lot of products working together to help you measure and action upon the full user journey and ecosystem of your online business.


Build your tag foundation

Google Tag Manager 360 is your reliable tag management platform that integrates easily with the systems you’re already using for tracking user actions and behavior on your website.


Test what helps your audience (and what doesn’t) 

Google Optimize 360 is your native integration for creating and testing variations of a webpage—design, copy, and functionality—to discover optimal user experiences.


Understand your audience and be there for them when it counts

Google Audience Center 360 is your data management platform that collects and organizes multi-channel audience insights (think from CRM, to Analytics to AdWords and more). This enables you to find, expand, and reach your most valuable people with the most helpful message at the exact time they need it.


Get reliable insights right from the source

Google Surveys 360 allows you to conduct fast and accurate market research with audience panels vetted by Google that fit specified target audience criteria. Make better decisions based on feedback from the source that matters most—people.


Optimize spend with the full user journey story

Google Attribution 360 is your multi-channel marketing platform for measuring and optimizing campaigns across devices and channels. See and act upon the full user journey.


Drive data-driven decision making with easily consumable visualization

Google Data Studio 360 is your data visualization tool for turning marketing data into sleek, informative reports that are shareable and fully customizable to your unique business goals. Help non-data people become data people.


What Else Can Seer Help Me With?

In addition to being Google Analytics 360 specialists and certified resellers, we can help you with stuff like:

  • Analytics & Tracking: Measurement Strategy and Implementation
  • Insights & Reporting: Ongoing Actionable Analysis
  • Audience Segmentation: Behavior-Driven Personas
  • Marketing Attribution: Data-Driven Attribution Modelling
  • Marketing Strategy: Personalization and Retargeting Strategies
  • Data Visualization: Integrated Data Dashboards
  • Custom Projects: Data Science, Social/Email Analytics, Data Integration, and more!


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