Words Matter: How to Develop Content that Connects with Customers

Oct 29, 2020

Teresa Lopez’s Seerfest presentation was the #1 most added to attendee’s schedules and the #1 most viewed of the day!

Unfortunately, 2020 got us, and Teresa’s session had some technical difficulties, so like the true champion she is, she hosted another live presentation of her Seerfest topic: “Words Matter: How to Develop Content that Connects with Customers”. Catch that version below:

Words Matter: How to Develop Content that Connects with Customers

With users typically spending around 15 seconds on SERPs and on websites, capturing their attention and creating a connection is a challenge marketers don’t pay enough attention to.

Instead of spending countless hours reading tweets and testing the latest pop-up techniques, our time would be better spent setting egos aside, admitting that we don’t know everything (gasp), and learning about our audience, their needs, and their emotions to succeed.

Generic content about “saving time and money” doesn’t sell. Well-researched and thoughtful messaging does.

In this session, Teresa will cover scalable ways to understand your prospects and how to turn those insights into paying customers.

Hosted By:

Teresa Lopez (Sr. Audience Lead @ Seer Interactive)

Teresa believes that, in order to win for our clients, we have to win for their prospective customers. She has developed a system within Seer to better understand clients’ audiences: what triggers their searching, what does their journey entail, what questions do they have, and what ultimately prompts them to convert. Coupling large-scale data with qualitative research, she collaborates with clients and account teams to develop user-centric strategies meant to fill content gaps and drive conversions.

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