This Webinar Will Fund Your “We Don’t Have Budget” Projects

Jul 31, 2019

What Could You Do With 15% of Your Marketing Budget Back?

We all have a laundry list of initiatives to tackle, with budget for them nowhere to be found.

Let me guess… it’s been identified that you “need to” run Quora ads, launch campaigns for a new product line, and develop an ebook. Right now, please, and for as cheap as possible because the marketing budget is set.

One of the most unexpected ways to fund new initiatives is to find hidden waste in your current campaigns. But how?

Using Automation and Data Sets that You Already Have Access To
Have you ever looked at census data with your PPC ads? What about organic listings for the keywords you bid on?

We’ll walk you through how to use your PPC and SEO data, in conjunction with data you already have access to, to find savings opportunities in corners of your account that might have some cobwebs in them.

We’ll also shine a spotlight on some of the most effective automation tactics so that you have more time to find insights in your data.


What You’ll Learn

How to bring together SEO and PPC data to find areas of inefficiency
Additional data sources to layer onto Ads performance to find efficiency and growth opportunity
How to leverage user intent to serve the right content to the right person
How to use audience research to improve the effectiveness of your campaigns
How to take a data driven approach to where to start your reinvestment of savings



The Deets

When: Wednesday, July 31st at 1:00pm EST (10:00am PST)

Where: Wherever you’re at! Zoomin’ into your computer

RSVP: On Zoom Webinars

Hosted By:

Kim Jones, PPC Team Lead

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Dan Lauder, PPC Team Lead

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