This Webinar Will Fund Your “We Don’t Have Budget” Projects

Jul 31, 2019

Recap: What Could You Do With 15% of Your Marketing Budget Back?

Thank you to everyone who attended our webinar on finding hidden budget and funding new marketing initiatives. Kim Jones and Dan Lauder showed us how to find efficiencies in your account and make data-driven decisions:

seer icon advertisingStart with questions

seer icon advertisingFind Public Data

seer icon advertisingJoin with Search Data

seer icon advertisingUSE Audience Insights

seer icon advertisingExplore Scripts

seer icon advertisingTry Saving Benjamin Tool

seer icon advertisingResearch Smart Bidding

Here’s the full webinar video or you can check out the recap blog post here!

What We Covered

How to bring together SEO and PPC data to find areas of inefficiency
Additional data sources to layer onto Ads performance to find efficiency and growth opportunity
How to leverage user intent to serve the right content to the right person
How to use audience research to improve the effectiveness of your campaigns
How to take a data driven approach to where to start your reinvestment of savings

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