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Dallas, TX

State Of Search: Amanda McGowan

Nov 17, 2014

Amanda McGowan: An Analytical Approach to SEO

Location: Dallas, TX
Date: November 17th, 2014
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We analyzed the top converting keywords of a client over a year, many of them were extremely low volume or no volume longtail keywords. We built a content strategy from these terms. What we found?

Low volume does not mean low value.

We created half has much content as our ‘high volume’ content and received far fewer visits from it (92% less than the high volume content) but they were more than 600% more likely to convert.

Basic data in Google Analytics can reveal directly applicable strategies for your SEO campaign.

In addition to using keyword data even basic Referral data can provide you with insights to conduct a full SEO audience analysis.

We had a client whose content was featured on a major site directly related to their services/industry. That same article was republished on a general business/financial site not focused on their offerings at all.

What did better? The business site – yielding a higher conversion rate. We were able to tell the client “Put your content here – not here” and create content more related to what this site is covering, because this is where your customers are – with data to back it up. – source