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SearchLove San Diego Warm-Up

Mar 25, 2018

SearchLove San Diego Warm-Up

Come hang at our brand new office in San Diego’s East Village!

A Sunday Funday welcoming event for SearchLove San Diego attendees.


Can I Come If I’m Not Going to SearchLove?

ABSOLUTELY! The more the merrier to give a big ol’ San Diego welcome to our guests!

We’re asking a $20 registration fee for folks that aren’t attending the SearchLove conference.  It’s a great opportunity to test out your speaking chops with an Ignite-style presentation or just network with local San Diego digital marketers as well as folks flying in from all over the country to attend the conference!

$10 of those dollars going right to Think Dignity, an organization working to uplift our homeless community in the neighborhood Seer’s San Diego office resides in, East Village. Make sure to check them out!


What’s This All About?

Lots of folks are heading into San Diego the Sunday before SearchLove San Diego and we want to give them a big ol’ SD welcome!

Come have a Sunday Funday evening with Seer Interactive. You can:


The Deets

When: Sunday, March 25 2018 | 5:30PM – 8:00 PM

Where: Seer Interactive San Diego @ IDEA1 — 1200 F. Street San Diego, CA 92101

Cost: Free for SearchLove San Diego Aattendees, $20 for Non-Attendees


I Want to Speak at This Event

Great! We want to hear you speak at this event!

We have 6 slots open for Ignite-style presentations. (S/O to MozCon for introducing us and Ignite Seattle, the founder of this concept).

Select the “yes” when prompted during the RSVP process and our in-house ignite-style presentation aficionado, Hannah Cooley, will hit you up with more details so you can figure out if this opportunity is right for ya.

Wait, What’s an Ignite-Style Presentation?

Thanks for asking.  You’ll get 20 slides and 15 seconds for each slide.  The slides advance automatically. So 5 minutes to tell an awesome story.

One More Rule:

NO DIGITAL MARKETING CONTENT. You’ll get enough of that at SearchLove. We do these internally at Seer and some of the topics we’ve heard in the past are:

  • Embracing Awkward: The Tale of a 5’10 6th Grader
  • How to Get Your Money Back from Airlines
  • How to Play Quidditch (as a Lame Muggle)
  • How to Buy a Suit
  • Tacos vs. Burritos
  • Bees 101
  • Creole Food vs Cajun Food
  • How to Spend Time with Dogs without Owning One
  • Why the Philly Phanatic is the Best Mascot of All Time*

*What do you want from us, west coast? We’re HQed in Philly!