Post-MozCon 2020 Fireside Chat with Wil Reynolds

Jul 16, 2020

While we can’t meet you all face to face this year, we’re not letting that stop us from answering your most pressing questions following the MozCon event!

Sit “fireside” with Wil Reynolds during an exclusive Q&A session after MozCon or see the top themes from the session below:


MozCon 2020 Presentation

Wil Reynolds: “The CMO Role Has Been Disrupted – Are You Ready for Your New Boss?”

CMOs have the shortest tenure in the C-Suite, and the CMO role has been eliminated at some of the largest brands. CEOs are now asking tougher and tougher questions about the value of marketing — and oftentimes marketers are not prepared.

Connecting your data and building your data flywheel is one way to support the swift answers CEOs expect from their CMOs. We need to get stronger at bridging our day-to-day work to the value it drives. And more than ever, “brand lift” isn’t enough.

This presentation will start at the top. How businesses are run, how CEOs talk, and how search marketers can use data we have access to everyday in new ways to answer the questions of the C-Suite and raise our visibility and value in organizations.

Grab your video bundle from MozCon here to watch this presentation or download the deck for free!

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