Knowing Your Audience 10% Better Can Massively Boost Conversions: Here’s How

Aug 25, 2020


Your Customers Expect More. It’s Time for You to Deliver It.

In these two data-packed presentations, you’ll learn new tactics to get at the most valuable data in your marketing organization: the attributes, behaviors, and voices of your current and potential customers. This webinar will help you:

🎯 Identify and understand your audience

🧲 Get the most of your traffic

💡 Leverage audience data to revamp your marketing flywheel

📣 Amplify your brand voice

Hosted By:

Rand Fishkin (CEO & Co-Founder @SparkToro)

How to understand your customers – who they are, where they are, and what resonates with them – so you can serve them better.



Teresa Lopez (Audience & Content Lead @Seer interactive)

What it looks and sounds like for companies to be audience-focused and why it’s important to do research vs using your instincts.


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