Seer Events Hero Conference Portland 2015
Portland, OR

Hero Conf 2015: Lauren Frankel

Apr 27 - Apr 29, 2015

Lauren Frankel: Selling Better: PPC Strategies for eCommerce

Location: Portland, OR
Date: April 28th, 2015
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Ever feel like your Shopping campaigns are taking advantage of your budget? Or maybe that you’re missing out on revenue because you’re not utilizing all capabilities that come along with Shopping feeds? This session will use real world examples to focus on the multi-uses and best practices of Shopping feeds so you can be confident that you are taking full advantage of Shopping features.

Special attention will be devoted to ensuring your feed is set up correctly, especially the group and label attributes. Focus will then be shifted to campaign/ad group structure to allow proper product visibility. The session will then emphasize additional account features which you can take advantage of when you are utilizing Shopping feeds, in particular Dynamic Remarketing, RLSA/Shopping Mash-up and Catalog Engagement ads. Lastly, we’ll wrap up by digging into performance data available in the interface(s) to pinpoint where we can optimize the account for optimal performance.

Overall, the multi-uses and best practices presented in this session will allow advertisers to go back to their desks with actionable takeaways that will enable them to take full advantage of their Shopping feeds, not the other way around.