On-Demand Webinar

A 360° View: Google Analytics 360 and Salesforce Integration

Oct 10, 2018

This Webinar Now Available On-Demand

20 minutes of how GA 360 + CRMs are a powerhouse marketing combo and 20 minutes of audience Q&A:

Chances are you are considering an enterprise analytics solution because you are experiencing limitations with your current solution or there is a particular Google Analytics 360 (GA360) feature that has caught your eye.

We understand that GA360 is a big investment, and you probably have a lot of questions.

That’s why we’re inviting you to watch our GA360 informational webinar, where we cover everything from “what is GA360?” to “how do I get started?”with our Director of Analytics, Sayf Sharif.

What Will I Learn?

If you didn’t know already – Google Analytics 360 collects data from CRM platforms, email tools, social sources, and other offline channels to build a comprehensive profile of your user, and their journey. In conjunction with CRM integrations like Salesforce, Google Analytics 360 implementation allows you to connect your marketing activity to what’s driving real value (ie. sales and revenue).

But there’s so much more that this product integration means for you!

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • What is GA360? (Defining capabilities and product integrations, including Salesforce)
  • Why Your Attribution Sucks – A Look at the Real (and Really Disparate) Customer Experience
  • Breaking Down Silos – Connecting Marketing Efforts to ROI $$$
  • The GA360 & Salesforce Integration – How It Works
  • Actionable Analytics Day 0 – How to Take Advantage of Your New Integration Immediately

As a certified Google Analytics 360 reseller and Google Analytics Certified Partner, our Analytics team can help explain exactly how GA 360 can support your business and marketing goals.

Who You’ll Hear From:

Hosted by our Seer Analytics experts, including Dir. of Analytics: Sayf Sharif

After working with several startups, Sayf co-founded an agency where for ten years he helped hundreds of businesses make data driven decisions to improve their digital presences. After that, he thrived for four years at LunaMetrics, a Google Analytics Certified Partner in Pittsburgh, leading teams of analysts and helping the company grow into one of the top GACP’s in the country. We’re excited to have him host this info webinar, as his experience has helped us grow the Analytics department and our partnerships with Google.

He’s a real character, and we can’t wait to hear what he’ll say during our LIVE Q&A at the end of the webinar!