How to Prepare (and Ace) Your Digital Agency Interview

Sep 9, 2021

How to Prepare (and Ace) Your Digital Agency Interview

Preparing for your dream job interview can be nerve racking and the virtual setting doesn’t ease up the pressure. We’re here to help!

Lauren Boyd, Sr. People Operations Manager shares interview best practices and answers your questions on the current job market.



Key Takeaways

As you interview for digital agency roles, remember these 3 tips …

  1. Preparation is more than just Googling and practicing interview questions. Research the company, interviewer and role, and take advantage by tailoring your experience to the role and hiring team.
  2. Remember what skills are important to work at an agency: conveying impact, learning and training, and the ability to multitask. These factors are important in any interview, but working at an agency requires being agile, levelling up others, and showing impact on ROI and bottom-line.
  3. Be mindful of time and how you speak of others (and yourself!) The hiring team paying attention throughout your interview, communications, and follow-up, be sure to show your best self always.

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