Vancouver, Canada

Call to Action Conference: Wil Reynolds

Sep 13 - Sep 15, 2015

Call to Action Conference – Vancouver 

Dates: 9/13/2015 – 9/15/2015

Speaker: Wil Reynolds

Topic: Trick or Treat, the Choice is Yours

Are your tests delightful or deceitful? What would your customer say? Successful CRO isn’t just about getting the person to the next step in the funnel, it’s about understanding the entire customer journey and inserting yourself in other divisions to bring conversion thinking (or what I call an optimizer mindset) to an entire organization. We all are more likely to convert on brands we recognize and trust so is there something to be said for Brand as CRO? Are your tests building trust? While I am not a CRO professional, I am a manic about focusing on the customer journey, treating (not tricking) our customers, and getting people to look at the multiple touch points that create loyalty.

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