Building a Killer Asset for Your eComm Website

May 10, 2018

Take a walk through our Staples Canada + Seer eCommerce asset case study.


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Emily Schmidt

Hannah Cooley Headshot Photo

Hannah Cooley
SEO Team Lead

Teresa Lopez
Content Lead

Kristin Bigness Headshot Photo

Kristin Bigness
Sr. Creative Manager

Nicole Portman
Paid Social Team Lead

Katie Kirchner
Sr. SEO Manager


Ever heard the saying “people do business with people they like?” It’s true. When you help someone with a problem they’re trying to solve, you start building your likability, and that of course leads to trust.

Gain their trust and earn the right to tell them about your products or services.

In this webinar, you’ll hear from an integrated team on what it takes to build a killer eComm asset. Together, they’ll give you the playbook you need to help solve a problem that helps turn your audience into trusting customers.

What We Covered

Choosing and prioritizing your topic
Audience Research
Design & Creation
Paid Social Promotion
Organic Promotion

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