“Set It & Forget It” PPC: How to Identify If It’s Happening To You

Dec 11, 2018

Paid search campaigns on autopilot? Big Data put us back in the driver’s seat. We want to enable you to get there too.



Will Reynolds Headshot Photo

Wil Reynolds 
Founder & VP of Innovation


We have a great ROAS! We’re good!

But are you? Because you’re making more than you’re spending – does that mean you’re done? Agencies get stuck on autopilot when only focusing on automated bidding, broad match targeting, and success measured only on Return On Ad Spend. 

This webinar is for digital marketers looking to leverage big data to put you back in the driver seat of your paid campaigns. In this hour, Wil walks you through how to identify wasted spend, find new revenue opportunities, and show you how to avoid these costly mistakes in the future.

What We Covered

How to identify tens of thousands of dollars in wasted spend for clients
How to find new revenue opportunities to re-invest that wasted spend
 How to set your clients up with future cost avoidance measures
How to connect your PPC & SEO data and mine for insights to maximize your ROI
Step by step how to ID low performing keywords that waste your spend
Questions to ask your PPC agency to make the most out of your investment

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