“Set It & Forget It” PPC: How to Identify If It’s Happening To You

Dec 11, 2018

Big Data put us back in the driver’s seat. We want to enable you to get there too.

Recap of Webinar:

What’s This All About?

Agencies get stuck on autopilot when only focusing on the “easy” things — automated bidding, broad match targeting, and success measured only on return on ad spend (RoAS).

“We have a great RoAS! We’re good!”

But are you?


Just because you’re making more than you’re spending – does that mean you’re done?
We once thought it did. Until big data entered our lives at Seer. Now we’re…

Identifying tens of thousands of dollars in wasted spend for clients

Finding new revenue opportunities to re-invest that wasted spend

Setting our clients up with future cost avoidance measures


What You’ll Learn

 Connecting your PPC & SEO data and mine for insights that maximize your ROI

Step-by-step on quickly IDing low performing keywords that waste your spend

 Questions to ask your PPC agency to make the most out of your investment

 Real examples of waste in the wild


The Deets

When: Tuesday, December 11th at 1:00pm EST (10:00am PST)

Where: Wherever you’re at! Zoomin’ into your computer

Hosted By: Wil Reynolds, Founder of Seer Interactive

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