How a Rapper Cost the Finance Industry Millions

May 30, 2019

What’s This All About?

Have you noticed it’s become more difficult to rank lately as a financial institution, with affiliate sites gaining search real estate left and right?

Are you feeling pressure from your boss to gain back ground? What if opportunities to win are already hiding within your existing data…

Teresa Lopez & Jordan Strauss will walk you through the shifting financial search landscape over the past year and give you the tools to find ways to beat the competition.


Are You Burning Money?

People have changed the way they search and intent is more complicated than ever to understand.

It’s easy to miss these anomalies like when a rapper drops a new song that overtakes one of the main SERPs for your business…

What You’ll Learn

How to find searches that financial institutions can and should still rank for
What content to create to capture long-tail informational searches
Who is ranking for search features that you can win
How to use your existing data to learn about what matters to your customers and how to provide it to them
How to identify searches that result in real dollars for your business
Which affiliates are winning in search – and who your company should partner with



The Deets

When: Thursday, May 30th at 1:00pm EST (10:00am PST)

Where: Wherever you’re at! Zoomin’ into your computer

RSVP: On Zoom Webinars

Hosted By:

Teresa Lopez, Audience & Content Lead

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Jordan Strauss, SEO Account Manager & Data Strategist

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