In the past 5 years, Clients like you introduced us to over 400 of your peers with over 200 of them becoming new Seer Clients.

Going forward, we want to sync your generosity with our core value of giving back to the communities we live and work in through our new Client Referral Program.

After all, Seer was founded on the belief that when you share your time, talents, and revenue with the community — everyone benefits. Since we started in 2002, we’ve stayed true to our roots — donating $807,948 to our community so far!



Join Our Race to $1,000,000 in Charitable Donations

$250 to a charity YOU care about for every referral you introduce us to

✔ Another $500 for each referral that becomes a Seer client

Program Donation Goal:
$25,000+ towards the $1,000,000


“Thank you for being such an amazing partner to Seer. We’re excited to expand our giveback programs to organizations that are meaningful to you!”

Jeff Haas, VP of Business Strategy & Client Engagement


Have Someone in Mind We Can Help?

Please fill out the form below with more information and to indicate your charity of choice:


How Else Does #SeerGiveBack?

Giving back has always been part of our Seer’s DNA. Over the years, we’ve created programs with organizations and raised awareness for special causes: