case study • Mar 1, 2022

UX Boosts Non-Profit Conversions by +600% and +97%



  • Client: The Casey Foundation
  • Industry: Non-Profit
  • Services: Analytics & Insights
  • Results: UX improvements increase traffic and conversions on key landing pages

The Challenge


The Casey Foundation releases a yearly publication that explores America’s child population using 16 indicators within four domains: health, education, family & community, and economic well-being.

This annual report, titled the KIDS COUNT Data Book provides information at both the National and State level, and is available for users to download via

Our Approach:

Seer used Hotjar and Google Analytics data to identify pain points in the user journey in order to increase report downloads and raise awareness of the next Data Book launch.


Using Hotjar, Seer analyzed click, scroll, and movement data to determine what (if any) pain points existed for users who wish to download a report.

The heatmaps uncovered that the primary CTA to convert was the least engaged with link on the landing page.

  • Hypothesis: Too many CTAs present on the page at a time
  • Recommendations: Minimize potential distractions by changing the page layout to showcase a clearer path to action


The second part of the analysis used Google Analytics data to discover user behavior across the Casey Foundation website.

We found that the homepage was driving a less than average conversion rate for report downloads despite it being the highest trafficked page on the site (where most users started their journey).

  • Hypothesis: Unclear / lacking CTA on the homepage
  • Recommendations: Optimize for desired user path by featuring more prominent, clickable design

The Results

“The Casey Foundation has long encouraged nonprofits and public systems to make change for kids and families based on data and what works. When Seer offered new on-site strategies — based on user behavior — to improve how our readers accessed the Foundation’s KIDS COUNT Data Book, we felt confidence as we iterated our designs. 

While the metrics of this project’s success mostly center around marketing conversions, the true benefit is that more individuals were able to learn about child well-being in their state and, hopefully, start to create change.”

Senior Communications Manager

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