Sales-Focused SEO Strategy Leads to 2x Conversions



Since 1982, a world leader in the production of 3D design, engineering and entertainment software has developed products used by engineers, architects, game developers, movie makers, students, and teachers. The software developer approached Seer to increase share of voice and resulting software sales, for their products within those consumer segments.

The Brief

To achieve the software engineers goals, Seer increased organic rankings by increasing authority via two unique linkbuilding strategies:

  • An Education Outreach Strategy
  • Training Center Badge Strategy

Education Outreach Strategy

Outreach to educational institutions is often difficult because products do not necessarily fit education content. In this scenario, the software producer works very closely with students and teachers by offering free software. Seer identified clubs/chapters that the client could strengthen their relationship with. In addition to garnering highly authoritative .edu links, this strategy also builds awareness with core audiences.

Training Center Badge Strategy

In February, Seer started execution of the Authorized Training Center Badge Strategy. The goal was to contact any of the software producer’s Authorized Training Center and request that they include the badge on their site. Seer decided to revisit this strategy in October. The goal of this strategy was to build a stronger connection and affiliation between the software producer and its partners.

In addition to dedicated campaigns, Seer also closely monitors press mentions and media alerts. In instances where the software producer’s name or logo is mentioned, but not properly linked, Seer will request modification in order to drive as much value to the software producer’s site as possible. Seer has also identified media opportunities where the software producer may be quoted or referenced in major publications.


Since Seer and the software producer have been working together, we’ve been able to identify strong seasonality trends for Natural Visits Year over Year.  The software producer has seen an increase in Natural Visits for Global from July to October with a downward trend following up until December. During the first year, eStore revenue from organic search in Q1 & Q2 surpassed revenue from the previous two years, combined. Conversions for the main site have nearly doubled over the same time over the previous year.