case study • Jun 13, 2018

Foundational Audit Leads to 63% Increase in Organic Revenue



  • CLIENT: GMB Fitness
  • INDUSTRY: Online personal fitness programs & tips
  • RESULTS: 63% increase in organic revenue, 189% increase in organic sessions

The Challenge

How do different people, at different fitness
levels with different goals find a program
that works uniquely for them?

This is the guiding principle behind our client,
GMB Fitness.

Before our audit, they already had a ton of great
content on their site. From down-to-earth articles
to exercise tutorials, this content was already
getting a large share of traffic – but there’s
always room for improvement!

We like a good challenge and were determined
to help them reach more people with their
strength and flexibility tutorials.

The Approach

Sometimes the most effective approach
is the simplest…

We listened to our client’s concerns and
recommended a foundational audit.

Taking a cue from health and wellness basics
ourselves, we understood that you have to start
slow to build a strong base and apply essential
principles before you’re able to knock out 30
pushups and 25 burpees without gasping for

GMB Fitness already had useful, targeted content
on their site that helped people build that strong

They relied on us to be their “coach” and used
our audit to recommend tweaks in line with best
practices for baseline optimizations of this content.

The Execution

We hit the ground running with a foundational
audit and identified 30 key pages to optimize for
top priority issues. We kept our scope limited to
their home page and top product pages to keep
the process from becoming too overwhelming to
implement our recommendations.

We pinpointed several long meta descriptions
and suggested other small tweaks that lead to a
huge boost in performance for these pages in an
astonishingly short time.

Approximately one month after our client
implemented our recommendations, they saw a
189.7% boost in organic visitors to the 30 pages
we identified. These newly-optimized pages also
resulted in a 63% increase in organic revenue
from search.

In addition to helping our client boost organic
visibility and organic revenue, we earned their trust
as consultants and set a sturdy foundation for
future efforts.

The Results

• 63% increase in organic revenue
• 189% increase in organic traffic
• 61% increase in organic transactions

Typically, it can take up to three months to see
the full impact of a foundational audit on organic
traffic and visibility. However, in just four weeks,
we were able to see an impressive spike in
visitors, organic revenue from search, and organic
transactions for our client.

Wanting to be sure this uptick in visitors and
conversions wasn’t just due to seasonal MoM
pattern, we looked to our data for confirmation.
Prior to implementation, GMB was averaging
a steady 30% to 40% YoY increase in organic
sessions. In four weeks after they implemented the
suggested changes, GMB Fitness saw those YoY
sessions jump to a 55% to 65% increase.


increase in organic revenue


increase in organic traffic


increase in organic transactions

The Results

Simple tweaks like putting their meta descriptions
on a proverbial treadmill and other small changes
made a big impact that led to 3x more organic

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