case study • Nov 7, 2018

73% Conversion Increase via Automation




  • CLIENT: Trex Company, Inc.
  • INDUSTRY: Home & Garden
  • RESULTS: +73% conversions; -42% CPA



The Challenge

With competitors beginning to invest more in
their digital marketing presence, Trex wanted
to ensure they were being as smart as possible
with their digital ad spend. We needed to reach
the most relevant audience possible in order to
keep ahead of rival brands without breaking
the bank.

The Approach

In order to get the results of increasing
conversions (and click traffic) without just throwing
more money at it, the majority of activity used
Google’s fully automated bidding options like
Maximize Conversions (which intelligently sets
bids for every auction in real time based on its
machine learning algorithms); as well as dynamic
campaigns, such as Smart Display and Smart
Shopping Campaigns (which leverage those same
machine learning algorithms to serve the right ad
or product to the right person at the right time).

The Execution

We tested each of the above automation
strategies in small, controlled tests within a few
campaigns initially. Once results started to prove
themselves to be effective (usually between 7-12
days, as the algorithms take some time to learn
what works and what doesn’t), we increased the
investment in each campaign using the automation
features and expanded the bid strategies to
additional campaigns within the account.

The Results

We saw a 73% increase in conversions, while the
conversion rate increased 59%. Along with these
improvements, our cost-per-conversion decreased
42%—telling us that Trex’s investment was being
more effectively spent to target the right people.






increase in conversions


increase in conversion rate


decrease in cost-per-conversion