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Ever considered that every company’s career page is written by HR and marketing? They can spin it however they want, only giving you pieces of the puzzle. We like puzzles as much as the next person, but we dig transparency a bit more.

Our perspective, our values, and the type of environment we’re committed to fostering is important. But the data geek in us knows that cold, hard facts are where it’s at.

So, we’ll let data tell you our story…

A Top Workplace

Our team, every individual, is why we’ve been recognized as a top workplace in Philadelphia, one of the best places to work in San Diego, and more.

The Data Only We Can Give You

You’ve probably come to expect things like flexible schedules and great benefits (Hooray! Evolving workforces!), but there’s some other stuff you might not expect.

The Benefits

2.89 icon

of time off taken per team member in 2020

In addition to offering unlimited time off and work from home we offer: Summer Fridays, a reduced week between Christmas and New Year's, and 10 paid holidays every year.

20 icon

of parental leave available

Funded at 100%, take 12 weeks off + 6 weeks phased return to work. Beyond that, any parent may choose to take up to 4 weeks un-paid, as long as the combination of leave time stays within 20 weeks

$500 icon

per year

Spend it on anything that will help you grow professionally.

Health Benefits

Join our family and bring yours along—we’ve got you covered.

No probationary period – new team member coverage starts the 1st of every month. We cover up to 70% of your medical premiums, and up to 100% of your medical deductible.

Compensation & Salary Transparency

What does “competitive salaries” mean at Seer?

For us, it means no one here makes less than $65K per year and salary transparency for the team.

Retirement Planning

We match your 401K contribution up to 3% of your paycheck. Want to save more? We’ll match 50% of the following 2%.

Pandemic Plans & Company Stability

Changing jobs right now is scary. How will the company treat me?
We put it all on the table here.

Is the company financially stable? Will I face a first in, first out scenario?
We’re 7 years, going on 8 in the Inc 5000. Financial health including revenue, margins, and goals are shared every month with our team.

The Culture

Our Values: ETHIC

How we treat each other, our clients, and our community matters. Our core values help guide our decisions and actions every day. Read more in our ETHIC handbook.

Alumni Network

When you work with Seer, you’re not just working with our current team. You’re connected with folks who played a big part of making us who we are today; so we created an Alumni Network to facilitate that connection. We pay it forward when Alumni refer awesome candidates to us, hire them back if circumstances allow, and even lend them a seat at our office if they need workspace to crash for a day.

Volunteer Time Off

In 2020, we volunteered 1,705 hours and donated $205,893 to charity.

We <3 Your Parents

Yep, we sent over 307 flower bouquets and gift boxes to the team’s parents on Mother’s and Father’s Day in 2019.

Hours of Operation

“Official” hours of operation just don’t make sense to us in the digital age. You’re welcome to come in early and leave early, or come in late and leave late, so long as you’re still supporting your team members and clients.

Attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude is important to us. That’s why we have a carousel of Thank You cards and stamps at every floor and a weekly FYF email chain calling attention to coworkers who deserve an “F YEAH!” (FYF = f yeah friday)...


We’re grateful to work with a bunch of smarties. And while our whole team is pretty damn impressive, we think it’s important to spend time each month celebrating one special team-nominated person who has really gone above and beyond. Our MVP gets to choose how we celebrate as a company—from craft beers to nachos for the whole team on both coasts!

Access to Leadership

No corner offices here: the exec team sits at normal desks just like the rest of the team and have regular standing 1:1s, coffee meetings, and brainstorms with everyone whether you’ve been here for 1 day, or 5 years.

The Job

52% icon

Employee Engagement
at Seer

According to Gallup, only 35% of the US workforce is actively engaged at work.

89% icon

of our team
highly recommends working at Seer

According to anonymous employee engagement surveys.

31% icon

of our team
was promoted in 2020

We believe in hiring from within, and do everything in our power to make that happen.

Learning Opportunities

When you learn, we learn. We invested $36,836.69 on books and $538,315 on conferences, classes, and workshops for our team over the past 5 years.

Regular Feedback

Your managers are actively invested in your growth, and spend time with you in regular weekly 1:1s. We also offer opt-in bi-annual 360* performance reviews for the opportunity to hear from your peers and give you the chance to offer feedback yourself.

Happy Clients

Our annual NPS survey data shows that our clients are happy and love working with us.

In 2020, our clients rated us 73 vs. the industry average of 61. This is our highest NPS score to date, as we work to quickly implement our client’s feedback after each survey. 

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

From unsolicited reviews on third party websites like Glassdoor to what our team says about us on social media every day, let the following serve as “proof-points” to give you an unbiased look at what it’s like to work here.

Talk to Someone You Know

If you want to know what it’s REALLY like, talk to someone you know who’s been here. Have a look on LinkedIn.

Awards & Recognition

We’re recognized by the local community, as well as partners in our industry.

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