A complete list of the most hilarious searches in 2016

Seer presents our second annual list of the funniest, strangest, and all-around most interesting searches over the last year. People around the world turn to search engines to help them solve their everyday problems and questions, from relationship troubles to self-improvement tips.

Looking ahead to 2017, remember – never stop utilizing the impactful, yet underrated search query report to investigate what questions your users have to keep your accounts in tip-top shape.

Relationship Trouble

  • i need to discover all my wifes email accounts
  • How do i tell my husband we need counseling
  • discover all email accounts for my wife

Gift Giving

  • worst groomsmen gifts
  • whats stores to buy my mans clothes at
  • jeans for men butt
  • google show me some solid white vans for guys

Switching Careers

  • Howcto start up famkly ghost investigate business
  • i am looking to become an affiliate marketer but i don’t know how is there some cheap way to learn
  • computer and information systems manager job description salary and how long you would have to go to school to be one
  • early childhood education working with young children how can i become an early childhood educator where can i teach


  • how to never tie your shoes again
  • Lil wayne phd in psychology
  • how 2 become a geneoligist
  • Get natural bee therapy
  • Are the good times really over for mutual funds

At the Workplace

  • spitting on someone involves internal investigation
  • best way to press release someone leaving a company who was fired
  • As a nurse how many hours do i work
  • which is not word processing software


  • why are klogs so ugly
  • okay google show me carlos santana’s hats
  • Bad ass shoos
  • a good shoe to cut grass in
  • whats wrong with womans clothing stores today
  • ymc japanese denim ymc japanese denim ymc japanese denim ymc japanese denim
  • google show me some solid white vans for guys
  • can you show me flat shoes made by ecco

Internet Help

  • who discovered the email
  • what is the best construction app for a three year old
  • I have web hosting now what
  • find who is emailing me
  • name three different software programs you could use to create a poster advertise a disco
  • why we collect customers email and name on your landing page give me the perfect answer

Food & Drink

  • why doesn t mars have water for us to drink
  • why do mugs have tiny holes
  • does university help you with learning how to cook

Don’t forget to check in on your accounts regularly to make sure you’re not wasting ad spend on irrelevant searches – no matter how hilarious they are. May 2017 bring you relevant search queries (..and maybe some funny ones too!)