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A Message from Wil on What This is All About…

As an industry, we’ve focused so much on the same data sets & tools but it is time to start looking at Bigger Data & understanding that we need new tools. My tool of choice? Power BI, but we also use Tableau, Data Studio, and others. The goal is simple, get bigger than excel, excel is NOT a big data tool, its slow and has limitations that business intelligence tools do not.


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Want a Sneak Peek of What We’ve Been Up To?

POWER BI FOR DIGITAL MARKETERS: 5 “How To” Lessons in 35 Minutes


Lesson 1: Creating a Relationship Between Your Paid & Organic Data

  • Benefits of PowerBI (and a few limitations, too)
  • How to Create Relationships Between Organic and Paid Data Sets
  • Some Problems You May Encounter & How to Troubleshoot

Lesson 2: Using Data to Provide Insight to Clients & Teams

  • How to Find + Interpret Cross-Channel Insights
  • Creating Great Visuals to Simply Big Data
  • How to Use Data to Tell a Story That Your Client or Boss Can Understand

Lesson 2.5: Getting the Data to Tell a Story & Work for YOU

  • How to Make Your Data Work For You (Slicers, Filters, Etc.)
  • How to Connect Opportunity to Real Marketing Dollars

Lesson 3: Looking at your Competitors using Big Data

  • How to Look at Your Competitors at Scale
  • Creating Relationships Between the Search Query Report and Top Ranking Keywords
  • Creating Tree Maps to Look at Tens of Thousands of Competitors at Once

Lesson 4: How LONG is the Long Tail?

  • Categorizing Converting Keywords
  • Analyzing a Click Profile
  • Grouping Conversions and Impressions
  • Adding New Columns Based on Conditions

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