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Kathryn Cudemo

Kathryn was the Director of Public Relations for the Temple University American Marketing Association when a few members of the SEER team spoke at a weekly meeting. Thus, her journey in to the world of SEO began. She started as an intern in November of 2012 and after receiving her degree in Marketing with a minor in Management Information Systems, she joined the SEER team as an SEO Associate. Now she enjoys the roller-coaster ride that is this industry and is learning all she can. Outside of work, Kathryn enjoys listening to music (she's a country girl at heart), watching (and quoting) movies, curling up with a good book (from Harry Potter to Jane Austen), partaking in pick-up soccer games and (in the summer) trying to attain her dream of being a beach bum through visits to the beach.

Giving Back:

Street Tails Animal Rescue (STAR)

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