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Azfer Saeed

Azfer Saeed

Azfer, (think of the word "us" but with a "z", and then say uz-fur :) ), joined SEER Interactive in 2014 with a passion for analytics. He loves problem-solving and digging through data to find insights and make recommendations that can benefit clients. In his previous life, he helped market and sell regulatory pharmaceutical software to the life sciences industry and government agencies in addition to working as a Quality Assurance Analyst for several Fortune 500 companies. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Finance & Operations Management from Drexel University and maintains the GAIQ certification, one of his most gratifying accomplishments.

Giving Back:

Azfer is an active member of ICNA Philly, a local chapter of the Islamic Circle of North America. Through his involvement, he helps local and international relief organizations such as Feed Philly and Helping Hand for Relief and Development provide assistance to destitute populations locally as well as disaster struck locations around the world.

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