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The world is flat. The future (and present) of business is global, and search marketing is no exception. Your office may be in Latin America or Asia. Your staff might live in Europe, Australia, Africa…or the U.S. But getting found online has no boundaries. You need a search marketing firm that knows how to spread the word about what you’ve got – at home, abroad, and everywhere in between. SEER Interactive makes sure your investment in search marketing pays off no matter where your customers live.

What Does a Philadelphia Firm Know About International SEO?

  • A History of Worldwide Wins – We’ve opened the door for Brazilians to buy makeup on the Internet and for West Africans to make travel arrangements online. We’ve achieved top rankings for companies we work with across South and Central America. And we’ve helped our U.S. clients get found in every continent except Antarctica. We may be based in Philly, but our experience and network span the globe.
  • Successful Structuring – Developing the ideal website structure in multiple international markets can be a downright monster. Launching 10 Spanish language domains in South America without causing massive content duplication?- yup, we’ve tackled issues that complex. Luckily, it’s one of the things we do best. We make sure your site is built to reach the right customers in the right countries.
  • An Investigative Approach – We know that your customers have unique cultures and concerns. And while we understand plenty about international search, we don’t claim to know it all. But we are great at asking the right questions until we learn what makes your market tick.
  • Hometown Advantage – Believe it or not, being based in Philadelphia is one of our greatest international assets. The City of Brotherly Love is a major metropolitan area filled with universities that attract students that span the globe. From a recent Higher Education study,
    • Greater Philadelphia granted more first professional degrees (MDs, MBAs, JDs, etc.) per 10,000 residents than any other large metro area in the country.
    • Greater Philadelphia has the 2nd-highest award rate for bachelor’s degrees.
    • A total enrollment that exceeded 295,000 fulltime-equivalent students, which ranks Greater Philadelphia fourth in the nation.

We can have people from your country working side by side with our search experts to deliver a culturally relevant and successful campaign. We regularly tap into this pool of experts to bring you a world’s worth of knowledge.


Want to learn more about International SEO and how it could benefit your business? Straight from our International SEO division, this whitepaper tells you just how to Establish Your International SEO Strategy.

A Global Partnership

There’s a lot involved in conquering the planet. That’s why we stay right by your side long after we build your game plan and put it into motion. With SEER Interactive, the eyes of the world stay on you, whether you’re in Philadelphia or Timbuktu.

“SEER Interactive represents a best of class SEO partner for international businesses looking to position for maximum authority and search engine placement. I’ve had the privilege of working closely with the SEER team on several large international clients and in every case SEER has delivered exceptional results that exceeded client expectations. In particular, SEER’s international lead SEO expert Mark Lavoritano has been a pleasure to work with. Mark is one of the top international SEO’s in the world – his professionalism, experience, and acumen for the nuances of search engine ranking in each emerging country, such as link building and conducting outreach are second to none.” – Kristopher B. Jones, Best-Selling Author of SEO: Your Visual Blueprint to Effective Internet Marketing (Wiley, 2010).

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