Website Re-Launch Support

Re-launching your website is a significant undertaking and a major investment of time and resources. SEER’s Website Re-Launch Support service is designed to help you re-launch your site with confidence that existing performance is being defended across the relaunch, and reporting on key performance indicators (KPIs) is maintained. Most significantly perhaps, the Website Re-Launch Support service helps you prove the ROI case for the new website by ensuring that the proper user actions are being tracked.  Starting with a thorough understanding of client website goals and business objectives, SEER will craft KPI and user behavior tracking plans tied directly to post-launch client revenue or benefit goals  SEER will also conduct wireframe reviews and make sure that the site launches with the desired user behavior tracking.

Key Benefits:

  • Strategies for preserving existing user engagement data and establishing benchmarks to support reporting post-launch
  • Recommendations and best practices for implementing content-level tracking
  • Assistance in developing an ROI case for the investment in a new website by tying engagement to client revenue or benefit goals

What You Get:

  • Upfront consulting on website objectives such as conversion funnel and user engagement goals, KPIs, internal reporting needs, etc.
  • Summary of user engagement goals and key performance indicators
  • Detailed plan for measuring user engagement for the new site
  • New Google Analytics profile(s), filters, and goals (as appropriate)
  • Technical recommendations for client IT and design teams to implement user behavior tracking to the new and existing sites (as needed)
  • Custom dashboards and reports to provide detail on user engagement tracking objectives, both pre and post-launch

Ready to Get Started?

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