Universal Analytics Migration Support

Google’s Universal Analytics (UA) is an exciting new analytics offering that represents the “next generation” in Google’s analytics evolution. SEER has developed a Universal Analytics Support service to help clients determine whether migrating to Universal Analytics is right for them, and to develop a plan for making the switch. UA offers new benefits including the ability to link customer engagement actions on a client’s website, once they log-in, to customer “back office” data already being gathered from other sources. The SEER engagement begins with an assessment of the client’s web analytics goals and objective, and the development of a migration strategy bringing in the client’s marketing and IT teams.

Key Benefits:

  • Strategy for how to migrate to UA to drive the most value for the business
  • Recommendations and best practices for implementing on-site tracking in UA
  • Ability to link customer behavior on the website to back office customer data for better business decision making

What You Get:

  • Significant upfront consulting on client business objectives and website basics such as conversion funnel and user engagement goals, internal reporting needs, etc.
  • Summary of user engagement goals and key performance indicators
  • Detailed plan for measuring customer engagement using Universal Analytics
  • New Google Analytics profile(s), filters, and goals (as appropriate)
  • Technical recommendations for client IT teams to implement necessary on-site user behavior tracking using Universal Analytics
  • Reporting strategy to reflect user engagement tracking objectives

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