Total Analytics Support

SEER’s Total Analytics Support offering is designed for clients looking for a strategic view into their users’ on-site behavior as well as ongoing consulting, analytics support, and reporting. Starting with a thorough understanding of client business goals and objectives, the Total Analytics Support engagement starts with the development and implementation of a custom user behavior tracking plan to capture the exact user actions needed for strategic decision making. This service also includes the creation of Google Analytics profiles, filters, dashboards, and reports to support detailed and ongoing performance measurement.

This offering is ideal for sophisticated clients looking for the proverbial “extension of their team” that can over time respond to changes in priority, new product launches, reporting to senior executives, and more.

Key Benefits:

  • A strategic plan for tying user engagement activity to revenue or benefit goals
  • Recommendations and best practices for implementing on-site tracking
  • Turn-key monthly reporting for client decision makers and executives based on targeted on-site user behavior tied to strategic goals
  • Ongoing ad hoc analytics support

What You Get:

  • Ongoing consulting on business objectives and website analytics priorities
  • Continuous evaluation of user engagement goals and KPIs
  • Detailed plan for measuring user engagement
  • New Google Analytics profile(s), filters, and goals, as appropriate
  • Ongoing technical recommendations and consulting for client IT teams to implement necessary on-site user behavior tracking
  • Custom user engagement dashboards and reports

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