Google Analytics Training

The need for in-house analytics acumen is ever increasing as more client marketing teams incorporate user behavior data in their decision making. In response, SEER has developed a Google Analytics Training offering that provides customized training to client marketers, analysts, decision makers, and technical staff. The training curriculum is developed collaboratively with each client and can be delivered at SEER Interactive’s offices or at the client’s location. Anywhere from ½ day to 2 full days, the client will receive engaging, small-group “101,” “201,” or “301” level instruction designed to get client team members up to speed quickly and adding immediate value.The training engagement starts with a thorough review of client business objectives and reporting needs as well as goals for Google Analytics proficiency.

Key Benefits:

  • Highly-customized training and materials designed to close team skill gaps in Google Analytics
  • On-site training (if desired)

What You Get:

  • Initial assessment of client business objectives, user behavior tracking and reporting, team make-up and skill needs, and acumen goals
  • Review of existing Google Analytics set-up including profile(s), filters, events, reports, dashboards, and goals
  • Training materials developed around client’s actual Google Analytics data and set-up
  • Q&A sessions using client’s actual Google Analytics set-up data wherever possible

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