Google Analytics Audit

SEER’s Google Analytics Audit is designed to help clients unlock the value from within the Google Analytics implementation that they already have. The website for a large or dynamic client brand can be complex and feature many different technologies, site components, and objectives. Put simply, how does the client know if the technology is working together as it should? Is the data correct? Plus, what more can clients learn about their website users’ engagement and intent? This service helps clients to make more confident business decisions using better data.

A Google Analytics Audit is also a great way to clean up technical and data issues prior to making additional investments in website infrastructure.

Key Benefits:

  • Finally get to the bottom of vexing user engagement data issues to reduce uncertainty when making business decisions
  • Receive a highly actionable roadmap for “recommissioning” the Google Analytics set up as well as making analytics enhancements to capture new or more relevant user behavior information
  • Best practices for capturing user behavior data from the website based on client business goals and priorities

What You Get:

  • Upfront consulting on client website basics such as conversion funnel and user engagement goals, internal reporting needs, etc.
  • “Root and branch” review of client website and Google Analytics set-up
  • Prioritized recommendations tied to potential client revenue, benefit, or missed opportunity (wherever possible)
  • Presentation of findings and consulting to help client decision makers and IT professionals get started in capturing better and/or more targeted data

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