Custom User Behavior Tracking

SEER’s Custom User Behavior Tracking offers clients an unparalleled window into how users engage with specific pieces of digital content. Whether a unique online tool, guide, or video, or even tying post-login content engagement to proprietary customer data, this service provides key tactical insight. Starting with a thorough understanding of client content goals and objectives, SEER will craft and implement a user behavior tracking plan to help answer questions such as, “how long do users watch video,” “which persona type engages the most,” “what content do my highest-revenue customers like best,” and more.

Key Benefits:

  • Tactical insight from online user content engagement activity across platforms and even to clients’ offline customer databases
  • Recommendations and best practices for implementing content-level tracking
  • Build a ROI case for the investment in custom digital content by tying engagement to client revenue or benefit goals

What You Get:

  • Upfront consulting on client content objectives such as conversion funnel/user engagement goals, personas, internal reporting needs, etc.
  • Summary of user engagement goals and key performance indicators
  • Detailed plan for measuring user engagement
  • New Google Analytics profile(s), filters, and goals (as appropriate)
  • Technical recommendations for client IT teams to implement necessary content-specific user behavior tracking
  • Custom dashboards and reports to reflect user engagement tracking objectives

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