Basic Google Analytics Set-Up

SEER’s Basic Google Analytics Set-Up is designed for clients that may have basic data integrity issues with their current set-up and will allow your team to begin capturing clean website user engagement data. With good data you can benchmark and report on important metrics and begin data-driven decision making. This service includes the creation of new profiles to support basic performance measurement as well as implementing filters and creating simple, client-defined goals and KPIs. A great way to establish baseline performance metrics for future Month-Over-Month and Year-Over-Year reporting, the Basic Google Analytics Set-Up is included in every SEO and PPC engagement for clients that use Google Analytics.

Key Benefits:

  • Clean data with basic data integrity issues
  • Track performance on basic website user engagement goals
  • Easy way to begin including website user engagement data in decision-making

What You Get:

  • Upfront consulting on client website basics such as conversion funnel and user engagement goals, internal reporting needs, etc.
  • Recommendations for what can be tracked easily within GA
  • New Google Analytics profiles, including filters and goals (as appropriate)

Ready to Get Started?

You can begin generating clean user engagement data from your website today. Just complete and submit our contact form and we will help you get started. If your site is complex or you believe you have data integrity issues beyond the basics covered here, click here to learn more about the Google Analytics Audit.

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