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  • Increase brand visibility online
  • Improve keyword rankings for major and long tail industry terms
  • Grow qualified lead base


  • 66.77% increase in non-branded organic search traffic
  • Expanded top-of-funnel lead generation
  • Improved brand awareness
  • Increased first page rankings seven-fold

Background – About Sparta Systems

Sparta Systems has been providing Enterprise Quality Management technology solutions for regulated industries since 1994. The company’s signature product is TrackWise Enterprise Quality Management Software, a trusted standard that improves safety, ensures compliance, and reduces costs by managing quality-related risk across enterprises and critical supplier networks.

A Search Strategy Needed For a Business-to-Business Environment

The sales cycle for Quality Management software products is long. It can take prospects months, or even years to decide which software is right for their organization. As part of this process, companies conduct extensive research before making a selection.

Over the last few years, much of this self-education has moved online.

In the wake of this shift, Sparta Systems faced two main marketing challenges. One, the company was not coming up nearly often enough when people conducted searches on major or longer-tail (lesser-used) industry-related key terms and phrases. And two, their signature product was recognized far more frequently than the company name, which translated into difficulty building a strong online brand for the company.

Sparta Systems needed an SEO strategy that would dramatically increase the number of people engaging with the company in order to generate more “top-of-funnel” leads, create more opportunities for the sales team, and build brand awareness.

They brought on SEER Interactive to help.

An Immersive Approach

Because the Quality Management industry is a specialized field with knowledgeable and sophisticated buyers, SEER began by immersing itself in its literature. The team spent time reading and studying related industry publications, white papers, and articles produced by and about Quality Management and Sparta Systems’ competitors.

Likewise, the SEER team joined, monitored, and participated in online discussions forums such as LinkedIn groups, which allowed them to see what people interested in Quality Management software, were really concerned about.

Audit, Redesign, Reevaluation

Armed with newfound industry knowledge, SEER conducted a thorough evaluation of Sparta Systems’ website. Based on its findings, SEER worked closely with the company through a redesign, internal architecture overhaul and redirect strategy, carefully monitoring page indexation, rankings and site traffic.

The Art of the Pitch

Next, SEER focused on contacting online Quality Management trade publications that they deemed to be most open to publishing content created by experts that had a connection to Sparta Systems. They pitched interesting, relevant trend-sensitive concepts to these trades.

At the same time, SEER located external experts and trade journalists that worked in the Quality Management space, leveraging existing relationships, and offered to help them by having Sparta Systems contribute knowledge to their current content.

Along with building high-authority links to Sparta’s site, this strategy boosted awareness of the company’s brand at online locations where decision makers were most often found educating themselves about Quality Management.

A B2B Social Strategy

In addition to optimizing Sparta’s site for traditional search engines, SEER targeted a portal that is often ignored by SEO agencies – LinkedIn. As a business-to-business oriented portal, LinkedIn is a particularly effective tool for brand building in a specialized industry like Quality Management.

SEER created a detailed guide on LinkedIn optimization and then systematically implemented each step in the document to make sure Sparta Systems achieved top rankings for Quality Management terms and topics.

On-Site Content Optimization

As Sparta’s business grows, evolves, and expands into new verticals its SEO team has to keep up. As such, SEER established a framework to accommodate change.

SEER provided analytics-driven recommendations to Sparta Systems on a regular basis to inform metadata and other content on-site.

As Sparta Systems expanded their product offering and targeted new markets, SEER made extensive recommendations for building out optimized content to support these new verticals and used internal linking to drive value throughout the site. SEER identified high authority pages on the Sparta Systems website and built internal links to deeper and less authoritative priority pages.


By focusing on an in-depth content-oriented SEO strategy, Sparta Systems has significantly increased its traffic, engagement, and brand recognition.

  • 66.77% increase in non-branded organic search traffic to the site in October 2012 compared to October 2011 and 46% increase in the number of keywords driving traffic.
  • Between October 2011 and October 2012, SEER increased first page rankings seven-fold, and nearly doubled the number of keywords on the first three pages on Google.
  • SEER helped Sparta Systems through a site redesign during and after which organic search visits continue to increase month over month. SEER provided architecture recommendations and audited content throughout the process:

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