Linkbuilding Case Study

The Power of Three – SEER’s Three Part Linking Approach to SEO Success

How It’s Different. Why You Need It. What Will Make It Work For Your Business.

link (lĭngk)
1. noun: A segment of text or a graphical item that connects various websites;
2. noun; A portion of text or an image that joins web pages within the same website;
3. verb: to be or become personally connected.

This is a story about the Power of Three.

Have you ever noticed the number three has magical properties? There’s a reason that plays have three acts, circuses have three rings, and three guys are always walking into bars. Somehow three just works.

There’s a reason the number three is so powerful. Three equals balance. A three-sided approach ensures that every angle is covered and every dimension is accounted for.

Three equals results.

We at SEER Interactive are big believers in the Power of Three when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Especially when it comes to our linking strategy.

Link building is essential for getting more people to visit your website and buy, use, or read what they find there. There are many different approaches to building links – some better than others. What we’ve discovered through years of research, testing, and plain old trial-and-error is that concentrating on just one or two facets of link building eventually falls short.

To successfully grow your web presence and business, SEER deploys three key strategic linking elements. What makes our approach different is that while each tactic is useful, all three together create search engine magic.

Read on to experience the Power of Three for yourself…

First Power: External Links (Revzilla)
Second Power: Internal Links (Wine Enthusiast)
Third Power: Human Links (Transit Systems)

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