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  • Drive qualified traffic in a competitive marketplace
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  • Site visits increased 1600%
  • Sales grew 800%

Background – Search Engine Optimization: Cracking the Online Eyewear Market

ReplaceMyContacts.com is a web-based company that allows customers to place online orders 24/7 for virtually all leading contact lens brands and to receive their shipments overnight. The site’s founders, whose family has owned a chain of eyewear stores for multiple generations, created the venture to reach the rapidly growing number of people who prefer to purchase their contact lenses online rather than at traditional retail outlets. By avoiding the need to open additional brick and mortar locations, ReplaceMyContacts.com is able to return a sizable portion of its overhead savings to customers in the form of deeply discounted prices.

Overwhelming Competition

At the time of ReplaceMyContacts.com’s initial launch, the market was already crowded with contact lens and eyewear providers offering their products via the Web. Many of the company’s largest competitors ranked very highly on Google for the broadest, most competitive keywords and were also investing a great deal of money into traditional advertising to bolster their branding. Because ReplaceMyContacts.com’s business model relied on offering high quality products at low prices, its owners needed to set the company apart and attract customers to the site without significantly driving up marketing costs.

An Uncommon Strategy for Online Success

Following a brief period of managing their own online marketing, ReplaceMyContacts.com contacted SEER Interactive to handle its Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign. After conducting extensive due diligence and a thorough site architecture audit, SEER recommended a complete overhaul of the website’s structure and basic content. Next, SEER developed a strategy that focused on achieving rankings for numerous smaller “long tail” keywords. This approach allowed ReplaceMyContacts.com to avoid the considerable cost of going head-to-head against their most dominant competitors to feature prominently on search engine listings for the most coveted, but not necessarily most effective, terms. To make the “long tail” strategy work, SEER concentrated on generating links to the site on other high authority websites. For example, the agency advised the company to add a new section to its checkout page where customers could elect to receive a postage-paid return envelope with their next shipment that they could use to send their old pairs of glasses to charity organizations. Customers received five dollars credit to their accounts for participating. The uniqueness of the “Glasses Donation” program led to many other sites linking back to ReplaceMyContacts.com, not to mention considerable publicity for the company. SEER also reached out to more than a hundred universities and offered their employees and students discounts on ReplaceMyContacts.com products, which similarly led to a number of prominent university websites linking to the site. “Anything press related, charity related,” said Todd Messinger, ReplaceMyContacts.com owner, “that’s something that SEER can really dig into.”

“[SEER] does a phenomenal job…Their follow through is unlike anything I’ve ever seen with any marketing or advertising group I’ve ever worked with…It blew us out of the water.”
- Todd Messinger, ReplaceMyContacts.com Owner

Moreover, since search engines evaluate the amount and quality of content related to the website in determining page rankings, SEER approached reputable and relevant blogs with articles by ophthalmologists and vision professionals. The articles were helpful, well-written and contained the “long tail” keywords that the agency was targeting. Because of the high quality of the content, the bloggers almost invariably mentioned ReplaceMyContacts.com as the source.

Additionally, SEER submitted ReplaceMyContacts.com to Google Base, a free interface that displays products in Google Shopping Results when users conduct searches. The agency optimized the Google Base feed so that ReplaceMyContacts.com was featured prominently in these listings.

Across-the-Board Growth

By centering its SEO campaign around “long tail” keywords, SEER has dramatically improved ReplaceMyContacts.com’s traffic and sales. Between August 2008 and August 2010, site visits increased by about 1600%. Furthermore, between October 2008 and October 2010, sales grew roughly 800%. And the addition of Google Base into the mix has driven up these figures even higher, with traffic from this channel alone increasing 250% between May 2009 and May 2010 and sales increasing 750% during the same period. In the words of Todd Messinger, “[SEER] does a phenomenal job…Their follow through is unlike anything I’ve ever seen with any marketing or advertising group I’ve ever worked with…It blew us out of the water.”

Web Traffic Aug. 2008 – Aug. 2010

Web Traffic

Sales Oct. 2008 – Oct. 2010


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