Yahoo Search Results Showing Latest Tweets with Filter Options

If you have the slightest interest in professional sports, you have probably heard a thing or two in the news about Peyton Manning’s current situation with the Indianapolis Colts.  The CliffsNotes: He’s coming off a serious injury, he’s due a ton of money, the Colts have the number one pick in the draft and have all but secured selecting Andrew Luck (considered to be the next great QB).  All signs point to Peyton’s release and the biggest free agent prize in quite some time.

Everyone has their opinion about Peyton, including people in the office here at SEER.  Adam and I believe that Peyton will play the bulk of the season next year, where Mark believes he is washed up and is all but a press release away from announcing his retirement.

But we are not the only folks speculating about what happens next.  Peyton has created serious buzz in the sports world, as well as the search & Twitter worlds.  This morning, doing a Peyton Manning search on Yahoo showed something interesting:  a tab for the latest stories, and an additional tab for the latest Twitter results about Manning.  Even more interesting is that you can filter for the type of tweets you want to see – “Everyone” vs “Insider” tweets.


I wonder if baby bro Eli Manning, who just won a Super Bowl, is getting the same treatment when you search his name? Nope.


What about Tim Tebow, the most polarizing/debated QB in the league? Nothing.

Fine, let’s get off the QB kick.  What are some other hot topics trending right now?  Looking at the top 10 “Trending Now” topics on Yahoo, sure enough Peyton was sitting at number 2 around the time I searched.  Is this the criteria for a query to have a separate tab for the latest tweets?


I decided to click on Nicolas Cage to see if he receiving the same Twitter love as Peyton.  He sure is. But now you are filtering for everyone versus “Hollywood Insiders.”


What if we looked at a trend that wasn’t a person, say “Unemployment?”

This is something we’ve seen before (via Mashable): showing the latest Twitter results without filter options and included with tabs for photos and videos.

Okay. So only if you are a person trending on Yahoo do you get the latest Twitter results in a separate tab with filtered options?  Wrong.  “U.S. Stocks” results offer the Twitter tab with only one filter option of “everyone”, Reese Witherspoon defaults to an Associated Press photo slide show, and “gold prices” gets nothing.


Beyond Yahoo’s Trending Topics – Additional Queries Showing Twitter Tab in Search Results

The Top 10 trending results are constantly updating, but I wanted to run searches on other top newsworthy people/topics.  I decided to jump on, and run Yahoo searches on some of the headlines across a number of categories.

Oh yeah, we are in an election year. A search for Barack Obama gets the Twitter tab with filter options. Rick Santorum as well.

What about countries being discussed on CNN? Searches for “Syria,” “Israel” & “Iran” are all showing the Twitter tab with filter options.

Any other people on CNN showing these type of results? Lindsay Lohan and Whitney Houston. Lindsay even gets an additional filter of “Official Tweets.”



Any Musicians, Artists or Bands Getting any Twitter Love in Yahoo Search Results?

A Red Hot Chili Peppers die hard, they were my first choice for inspection.  Not only do they have a Twitter tab, but an “Albums” tab as well.  This was seen for some other artists (Foo Fighters, Alicia Keys) but not others (Beastie Boys, Bob Dylan).

What does it all mean?

While it’s clear that Yahoo is ramping up its Twitter integration within search results by offering latest tweets for hot topics and people of interest, how they determine which queries will earn the additional tab is unknown.  Jeremy Lin is the most discussed athlete in sports right now; why doesn’t he have a tab for latest tweets? How is Yahoo deciding which queries receive specific filter options? What qualifies a Twitter handle to be classified as an “insider”?

What do you think?  Share your thoughts below in our comment section or connect with Ryan Fontana via Twitter.