• Chris P

    Interesting, I haven’t paid attention to Yahoo search in awhile (Mostly Concentrated on Google/Bing) but yahoo I think is definitely moving toward being completely news/social media search oriented. VERY good move in my opinion. If they can keep this up and start integrating more twitter feeds on popular headlines etc, it is going to make twitter a great source for visibility in yahoo, as well as secure yahoo into a nice niche! They are definitely moving in the right direction, I think it is time to reconsider Yahoo as a major player in visibility.

  • Jeff

    This is a cool move by Yahoo. Since Google has not renewed their agreement with Twitter, it’s good Yahoo is taking advantage of it.

  • Ryan Fontana

    @ Chris – Agreed that I like the initial strategy behind it and I’m a fan how it’s integrated (pretty user friendly), though I’d like to see how far they take it before considering them a major player

    @ Jeff – Someone had to take advantage – Let’s see how advanced they get with filters, that’s what I’m looking for next.

  • Danny Jackson

    Thanks Ryan for bringing these Twitter tips to my attention. I’ve also found that MSN trends has a new service that will collect all of the trending items across many social media platforms that has become very popular. They just need to be careful to make the filters easy to use for novices new to social media.