• ms danielle

    i feel your pain. i cringe reading this article. like war flash backs i imagine. the sad part is that yahoo knows how far behind they are and they can’t catch up. kind of like the american auto industry vs japan, they’re years behind. also they do shady stuff like let big advertisers buy “natural” listings on page 1. *sigh*

  • Crystal

    hi ms danielle – sorry to hear your feel our pain too… unfortunate it has to be so frustrating.. maybe one day they’ll come around!

  • Gab Goldenberg

    And this is why Google gets more ad dollars. They enable and help advertisers be more efficient, rather than hope to profit off their foolishness. If Yahoo keep this up, they’ll go the way of the newspaper business, which has long had the same mentality of “profit on the back of ignorant advertisers who can’t/don’t measure ROI.”

    I wrote about this at Mike Gray’s site:

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  • Crystal Anderson

    Hi Gab – Isn’t it crazy. You would think that Yahoo would realize if they help advertisers get better results, we’d spend more!

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  • Bonnie Schwartz

    Yahoo definitely makes my blood boil every day. If the name of my company is something like “out of the house” Basically, your post is saying there is no way to not come up for the term “house” by itself or any other slew of terms yahoo decides to match that too even if I set the term on standard.

  • Bonnie Schwartz

    I just learned something new about this topic. If you are bidding on a brand term that has “stop” words, Yahoo can register the term as a brand term and it will no longer get stripped by their matching system.