• Mark Kennedy

    Hi Crystal, once again, great PPC post.

    Moral of the story: You HAVE to test everything. While Google Adwords is a great platform, they are too focused on getting clicks, not conversions. And for most clients, that’s the crux of the matter. Testing and understanding all of the settings is pretty important as you’ve proven.

  • Crystal Anderson

    Thanks Mark! Great addition to the Moral of the Story – I should have re-iterated that Testing is so important in PPC. Thanks for your comment – always appreciated!

  • Brian G Johnson

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Google does not know all after all. We do have to have test to see the results and do adjustment accordingly. Anyway, your sharing has cut short my learning curve. Thanks.

  • Crystal Anderson

    No problem Brian! PPC is all about testing. Hope it helps you out!