• Marilyn Moran

    Wil, you know how much of a social media advocate (in general) I am. I can certainly feel your pain with Twitter when it comes to getting questions answered sometimes, though. Over the past few weeks I have posed a few questions on my @PhillyMarketing account to get absolutely no answers at all. It was extremely frustrating. So while Twitter can be helpful for a lot of things, it shouldn’t be the only source for getting the information you need. BTW – your tips are definitely spot on as always! ~MM

  • Seth Goldstein

    Wil, I’ve noticed that it all depends on who is following you and the question that you ask. Since you were asking a WordPress technical issue your group might not have known the answer. By following people who you want in case you have issues you will get a better response.

    I for one don’t follow everyone that follows me, but I do follow close to 3k people. No, I can’t follow everyone’s every tweet but when I need help on something I’m bound to get one or two answers from my crowd. Being a little bit more open to following people who might be able to help you in the future even though you might not necessarily want to follow them on a regular basis might be a good thing.

    I know you use the Twitter apps like Tweet Deck and Seesmic Desktop. Setup groups that allow you to follow those people who matter most to you. This allows you to still follow others who might be helpful in the future without clogging out those who really matter.

    But all in all, Twitter has its benefits and it’s pitfalls. I have close to 4k followers and when something goes wrong with a service I get a response very quick from that provider. But sometimes I don’t get as quick a response for other items. It’s really pure luck what catches on.

    Just my 20 cents. :-D