• Tricia Meyer

    The help seeking ad is actually really prevalent, but they can get away with it better on television. Often you will see similar ads where one has the name and side effects listed but the other has just the symptoms and not the name and side effects. After you’ve seen the commercials a few times, you start to remember the name without having to be told because the commercials are similar. I remember when I was doing some legal work for Eli Lilly about 10 years ago this was a huge issue.

    The whole thing is about loopholes…online, in print, and on tv. It’s crazy that so much time is spent by the manufacturers, advertisers, and even the government on this kind of thing when someone always finds a way around it. I’m glad that I do not promote health offers!!

  • Eric Toz

    The pharmaceutical industry and sponsored google listings will never work. It’s just impossible for aPharma company to first grab your attention, promote the drug AND give all the risks in a miniature ad with no sound.
    -Eric T.

  • joanne hart

    Thanks for the feedback, Tricia and Eric!

    It will definitely be interesting to see when/what (if anything) the FDA does to address pharma ppc marketing.

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