• mapsokardu

    Great post Wil. Very in depth and informative.

    Gary has got content down pat, now he can take some time and perfect his brand.

  • wil

    Thanks! Gary has an amazing business and he built it with passion, he loves what he does and that shows, I just want him to optimize it a BIT to help me find great wines.

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  • Mark Kennedy

    Great post, Wil. Thanks for sharing this, it’s very insightful. Content AND SEO best practices are king, not just content.

    My favorite line, “Let me go talk to these 400 spammers who are going to tell me they did nothing wrong.” Classic.

  • Stormy

    Wow – what a perfect illustration of a powerful online brand who’s not stepping up on the SEO. Thanks!

  • Webbedmarketing

    This is such a nice post. I have read earlier that “Content is not always the king”. But you have explained it here in a great way that I would say that Content is not always the king as far as Internet Marketing is concerned.

  • wil

    Thanks Webbedmarketing! Promotion still matters, you know?