• Dave Snyder

    Total Agree! Stefan Winkler on my side ( @stellarstef ) helps complete the skill sets I either don’t have or have time for. My focus as CEO of CopyPress should focus on strategy and business development (thats our ideology anyway) so the operational basics sometime get in the way of this.

    Thanks for the awesome post and good luck.

  • H.G. Chissell

    Great post, Larry! Your voice comes through well in your words. As a COO, what metrics do you use to gauge your leadership impact?

  • Larry Waddell

    Thanks! Still getting my sea legs. Working with a great team makes that process easier:-) Please reach out as you and @stellarstef execute your plan. I’m always looking to learn from practitioners.

    @twitter-24012858:disqus Thank you! At a high level, I look at the amount of time that Wil has to work on client strategy. A number of weeks ago Wil spent the day recording videos of specific opportunities he had researched for several clients–this tells me I’m on the right track. At the tactical level, my favorites are Revenue per Labor Dollar (the average amount of revenue for every dollar spent on labor at SEER) and Revenue per Hour Worked. These metrics are good as they are impacted by things I can control such as IT and process, and they really can tell a story if you trend them over time, compare year-on-year, month vs. year-to-date, etc. I’ll dig into these and others in a future post. Stay tuned!