• Don Rhoades

    As the sole user of Bing on the planet, I suppose I should offer my observations. I’ve only seen that before for misspelled queries like [lasick doctor] = [lasik dr]. I dabbled for a minute and got nothing from it that made too much sense but I observed a few things. [cheap] certainly seemed like a trigger word as it almost always shows changed results for discount for many queries with a 3 word phrase or higher. eg cheap lawyers = no change, cheap injury lawyers = discount injury lawyers.That query is kinda nonsense anyways, so I tried cheap divorce lawyers, no inclusions and cheap divorce lawyers in georgia, no inclusions. Then I tried something heavily searched like cheap airline tickets or cheap tires in raleigh yielded no inclusions. Cheap hockey tickets had inclusions, but I also noticed they had almost identical results with different layouts. Seems like Bing thinks it knows better what adjectives I should use in my queries and when. Thankfully their directions on their maps are far superior to Google’s, so I’ll continue to use Bing despite it’s syntax snobbery.

  • Jaime

    Thanks so much for the insight and for checking some additional queries Don! Really interesting about the cheap/discount searches. I personally think the shipping company/freight company switch is the biggest outlier since the two really aren’t the same thing.

    Happy holidays!