• James Piper

    Excellent article.

    I would love to see a part 2 for the response emails!

  • Alex-Tenddeapact Solutions

    Interesting read. Thanks for sharing.

  • Abbott Shea

    @James Thanks! Better yet, I’ll give you the short answer here.

    If you get a response I would try to make it personal. If you have gained a blogger’s, or any other webmaster’s, trust enough to get back to you, you don’t want to break that trust and lose that opportunity by sending them something that feels unnatural. If you must shave some time off, just save a few sentences that you will be including anyway in your canned responses, but leave room for the placement of a personal response in the beginning so it doesn’t feel too synthetic.

    Hope that helps answer your question!

  • Abbott Shea

    Thanks for reading, Alex!

  • James Piper

    Thanks for the reply Abbott!

    I have some template editing to go do now.. -.-

  • cmsbuffet

    50% Vs. 5% – Amazing!
    It is a shame the images do not include the subject line template you used.

  • Tom

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