• James

    Tell me about it – with all the money that we spent to graduate in marketing, we end up going back to school but at least we get paid for it to learn this time around!

  • Tom

    Nice post David,

    Good to see you blogging and you mention some great resources, a few I hadn’t used or heard of so glad I read this!

    Hope all’s well in Philly. Fingers crossed for the World Series this year.


  • Claire

    Great list of resources there, will bookmark and explore further. Loving the ubersuggest tool, hadn’t seen that before. More of the same please!

  • Jaime

    Thanks so much for your kind words! I truly appreciate the support.

    @James – I know what you mean! Although, I’m (thankfully) not quite there yet since I just graduated in May, I could see that happening in the future!

    @Tom – Thanks! I’m glad to help. I must admit that I’m a Red Sox fan, so maybe next year for us!

    @Claire – Thanks, and sounds great! Agreed, Ubersuggest is awesome. Stay tuned for my future posts!

  • Thomas

    I looking forward for the day that I can go back to school and get a master’s degree from a big Cal State School in SEO! Or Social MEdia. But really I just want to take some WordPress for Website Classes at a local College or something@! When is that day gonna come?


    Great list of online resources on SEO. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jaime

    @Thomas – I agree, this definitely needs to happen. Hopefully soon!

    @ReputationManagementConsultants – Thank you, I really appreciate it! I’m glad to help.