• Jay Smith

    Excellent writeup, the rwp

  • Jay Smith

    Sorry for the busted first post. Excellent writeup, the response you got just from G+ for the topic gives me some hope for the future of the network. And you guys have competitors? :)

  • Melissa Alam

    Thanks Jay! The response from G+ was really great, however hosting a Q&A does get tricky without the ability to thread responses. Maybe they can fix that in the future. Having more than 140 characters to answer was a blessing though!

    As for competitors, we appreciate the compliment! :)

  • Ivan Dimitrijevic

    Congratulations on very good Q&A session via your Google+ profile. :]

    In Google+ we trust.

  • Sasha Jones

    No doubt that Social Media enables a brand to communicate more effectively with customers, partners, employees etc.