• Chris Countey

    Congrats Wil and Rachael (and thanks for your help!)

  • Rhea Drysdale

    Awesome. Love this. We will be sending folks your way! Congrats Rachael and the whole SEER team.

  • Ani Lopez

    As someone that has been obstinately preaching in favor of merging SEO and Data Analysis 110% I can only say Wohoooooo!!!
    That’s fantastic. Congrats all, specially clients that will receive the benefits of that new adventure.

  • Brian McDowell

    Congratulations Rachael and everyone at SEER!

  • Fininfocom

    Congratulate Rachael and
    Reynolds, This is awesome Article I ever seen before. I totally agree with you
    Rachael; we have to merge both SEO and Analytics Data to get accurate results.


    Well Done Rachael my best wishes for your future…

  • Hyderali Shaikh

    Congrats Will & Rachael & the entire SEER Team for Analytics Dept.

  • Joseph Ranseth

    I appreciate the balance you strike between the ideals that all true marketers should hold, and the pragmatic side of executing in imperfect environments.

    Well done, and congratulations.

  • Oludeniz

    Its a great newz congratulations Rachael and Will and the entire SEER Team… I appreciate your work

    Oludeniz Beach