• Mary Desilva

    This post is not a standard of SEER, its a cheat sheet? Looks dump paid post

  • Adam Melson

    Hi Mary – thanks for checking into our blog & reading it. We’re always thrilled when people take the time & comment to provide feedback, good or bad.

    The post is elementary, absolutely, but someone, somewhere is working for the first time with a developer. I’m curious as to why you would think it’s a dumb (unless dump is something I’m not aware of) paid post, especially without any outbound links in it. Thanks again for challenging us & leaving feedback!

  • Mary Desilva

    the link has been removed instantly from bio of this post, I attached screenshot here, you can check post in google cache also, its still present, I hope you will get better idea after checking why I think like this.

  • Adam Melson

    Ah that makes more sense now. Thanks for clarifying with the screenshot. It looks like Nico edited the post prior to me reading it this morning and commenting. I’m not sure why the change was made, but I’m not sure why you’d think it’s a paid link, especially with Nico being an employee of SEER for 2 years now. I have very little concern if an employee wants to link over to their personal blog so long as it has some relevance to the topics they write about.

    Do you have any suggestions on what could make this a stronger post for someone who is a newbie in the SEO space & has to work with developers?

    Thanks again!

  • Mary Desilva

    Thanks Adam for the detailed answer, Maybe I am wrong somewhere, I again check this post in detail and also link, The link is pointing to his blog, which is almost fine, I was not aware he your regular writer,

    I am regular reader of your blog and the title of this point force me to come and read it and when I read these Cheat sheets (as explained in title) and I totally disappoint. These are only the tools for web developers, which has no concern or very less concern for Marketers.

    Please point out if I am still wrong,

    I apologies to Author also for this.

  • nicomiceli

    Hi Mary,

    Thanks for reading the post and Adam for jumping in here. I do some Analytics coding and technical recommendations at SEER but consider my self a marketer at the core. I believe it’s important to understand the technology you use to market things (in this case the web) so you can have an idea of its potential.

    This post was supposed to help Marketers just understand what things are and what things are not. It is possible to loose credibility if you are talking to a client if you refer to JavaScript as Java since JavaScript is a vital part of the web (and we do web marketing). I am not explaining how to use it or write, I just want to explain how to talk about it.

    I took out the link to my blog and 2 other links this morning because I wanted the post to be more streamlined and easily digestible. Just something you can quickly look at understand a couple languages and be able to talk to someone about an awesome asset you are trying to build.

    I totally agree with the rise in cheesy ‘cheat sheet’ titles but didn’t think about that when making this post. However, I think that these tools are not just for web developers, they are for everyone. As I mentioned above, I am a marketer and I use Google Analytics for marketing purposes and use advanced tracking code (in JS) to get a better idea of my customers behaviors.

    Once again, we really appreciate you reading the blog and your feedback. I will definitely try and make things clearer with additional use cases to show the importance for marketers.


  • James

    Mary Desilva, I don’t know know why you hated on this post. It was helpful and this statement “These are only the tools for web developers, which has no concern or very less concern for Marketers” is terribly out of date. Even if you aren’t a developer you as a marketer are obligated to have a basic understanding of how the web works. This post is fine and helpful. Thanks for posting it.

  • nicomiceli

    Thanks James! Glad you like it.

  • hardy

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