• Jeff

    I would have to think that the indexing rate and authority perhaps do figure together but that this is a relatively low factor in weighting. The reason I say that is a blog that posts dozens of postings each day, but are low quality could easily rise to the top using frequency of indexing when the quality may actually be much better on a blog that posts once a week.

    Sure, the blog without the posting activity will get indexed less frequently, but could still hold much greater authority than the frequently posted blog.


  • wil

    Hey Jeff, you and I agree 100%, I am not advocating regular posting, but how long it takes a post to get into the index. You can take any splog out there and crank out 10 posts a day – I BET ya that Google won’t index it as quickly as the blog that posts quality stuff once a week. Sorry if I wasn’t clear, what I was advocating was examining how quickly content gets in the index from blogs as one measure of its “authority”.

    Thanks for stopping by!